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American Bulldog by Bulldog Information
American Bulldog - History and Origins

Antiques and The Arts Online
NEW YORK CITY - William Secord, owner of the William Secord Gallery, 52 East 76th Street, has announced that the gallery will host an exhibition of European dog paintings in the fall. This comprehensive exhibition, " Dog Painting: The European Breeds" …

Art Business News
Who Let the Dogs Out? - dogs in art Whether a lady or a tramp, canine companions have long been a lovable subject for artists.

Best in Show at Bruce Museum
Best in Show: Dogs in Art from the Renaissance to the Present May 13, 2006 - August 27, 2006

Bruce Museum
William Secord, author and president of William Secord Galleries, Inc., New York City, lectures.

Bull Terrier Breed Description and History
Dog historically bred for the hunting of dangerous game or for use as property guards, war and fighting dogs. Photo courtesy: William Secord. early Bull Terriers crosses c. 1830…

Cigar Aficionado (July/August 2004)
CANINES ON CANVAS. If you have a yen for dogs and art, the William Secord Gallery has tapped into your passion

Cigar Aficionado (May/June 2000)
They Call It Puppy Love: Once hunters and protectors, today's dogs have been promoted to family members. here's how to choose, train and love a dog

Departure Magazine The Art of the Dog
William Secord, whose Manhattan gallery is the only one in the United States ... I called up the William Secord Gallery, sent a Polaroid of the noble Tasso ...

Dog Fancy NY Art Gallery Offers a Glimpse of Show Dogs Past
NY Art Gallery Offers a Glimpse of Show Dogs Past. New York"I’s long-standing fascination with dogs was on display at the William Secord Gallery

Dog Friendly
United States and Canada Travel Guides for Dogs of ALL Sizes! William Secord Gallery and other Places to take your Pet in New York New York.

Dog World
Welcome to our second annual Dogs in Art Issue.

Financial Times
Sales go to the dogs By Brook Mason

French Bulldog History
William Secord, author of Dog Painting 1840-1940, and owner of the New York City gallery specialising in 19th C. dog and animal art

Gray"I’s Sporting Journal
Thirty years ago, on their kitchen table, Ed and Rebecca Gray began to build the premiere issue of the magazine you hold today. They wanted to publish a hunting and fishing magazine for a ""thinking"" audience. Or, as Ed put it, the sporting magazine he would want to read.

This a list of top sources for art and decorative accessories. These are highly recommended stores by designers from TV shows. This list was published in a recent wall street journal article.

New York Magazine
Two Level of Pampering - the New York Guide A Year of Kibble-and-Playdates Calculus

Phantom Kennels
Four of our Phantom Kennels bird dogs painted by Artist Constance Payne currently on exhibition at the William Secord Gallery in NYC

Purina Pro Club
Today"I’s Breeder Art Goes to the Dogs

Ralph Lauren Home
Art Gallery Guide and more

ROBB Report
Luxury Portal What makes the good life great!

Sidelines News
EQUESTRIAN ART In The Mood For A Munnings? By Beverly Lake Wilkes

The Boston Globe
What to do with fido in the city? The William Secord Gallery was an exception. There, on the third floor of a nondescript building on the Upper East Side, dogs are welcome and pampered with ...

The Dog Museum
a director for the museum and in May 1981 William Secord started work as the first director of what was then known as The Dog Museum of America. The AKC had space available at their headquarters in the New York Life Building at 51 Madison Avenue in New York, into which the fledgling museum promptly moved. The first exhibit opened on 8 February 1982; it was entitled "The Museum Collects." An elegant party was held to commemorate the event. The museum officially opened to the public on 15 September 1982 with an exhibition called " Best of Friends: The Dog and Art."

The Terrier In Sporting Art
William Secord's tie to Norfolk Terriers is a personal one - he happily shares ... As owner of the William Secord Gallery which specializes in nineteenth

Thomasville Antiques Show and Sale
The Thomasville Antiques Show Committee is pleased to present twenty-nine of the country"I’s most prestigious dealers who will offer the opportunity to view and purchase exquisite antiques.

Today"I’s Breeder Art Goes to the Dogs
"How the breeds have changed over time is especially interesting to modern-day breeders and collectors of dog paintings," says William Secord, president of the William Secord Gallery Inc., New York. “Identifiable specimens of many breeds go back hundreds of years, especially the Mastiff and the Greyhound. Written breed standards were developed in the mid-to-late 19th century, and even then only for a handful of breeds. They were formalized with the establishment of The Kennel Club in 1870 and The American Kennel Club (AKC) in 1884."

Trip Advisor
Visit TripAdvisor, your source for the web'"I’s best unbiased reviews and articles about William Secord Gallery in New York City

U Express
Pet Connection by Gina Spadafori and Dr. Marty Becker. A must-see stop for dog lovers in New York is the William Secord Gallery, offering the loveliest of dog paintings at prices out of the range of most of us.

Virginia Daytripping - Middleburg
And, we were able to see the originals of the paintings in a book by William Secord entitled Dog Painting: The European Breeds.

WNYC Dogs in Art By Sarah Montague
Artists have seen perfection in dogs for centuries, and producer Sarah Montague explores the many ways they have looked at man"I’s best friend - or model.

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The William Secord Gallery, the only gallery of its kind in North America, specializes exclusively in fine nineteenth and twentieth century dogs and animal paintings. Established by William Secord in 1990, it has become a most popular destination for those interested in dog art and collectibles. William Secord is the world authority on the nineteenth century dog painting. He was the founding director of The Dog Museum of America and is the author of three books: Dog Painting, 1840-1940, a Social History of the Dog in Art; Dog Painting The European Breeds, and A Breed Apart The Art Collections of The American Kennel Club and The American Kennel Club Museum of The Dog available at the gallery and on our web site book store. Whether it is an antique dog painting, an antique walking stick, 19th century French bronze, or to have a portrait done of your beloved pet for a dog lover it is a must!


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